With over 25 years of experience, Red Stone’s in-house team of experts can help you lease or sell your mineral rights quickly and confidently.

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Why Sell?


Simplify your investments

Mineral rights can be complicated to manage, uncertain on cash flow, and often requires lawyers to make sure landowners are being treated fairly. If you can get a fair price for your minerals, it will allow you to better invest in assets that are easier to manage.


Estate planning and inheritance

Estate planning can be difficult. Often successors to mineral estates might be uncertain of the assets and what is being left to them. We can help monetize these assets, thus simplifying an inheritance and making the situation a little more straight forward for all involved.


Sell when the market is hot

Since mineral rights valuations are impacted by current development, opportunities for maximizing value can present themselves. There is a small window of opportunity to receive a premium price for your mineral rights, that could be missed.


Declining cash flow

Once your mineral rights have been developed, your initial royalty checks can be substantial. Typically, within months you will see declines in those royalty checks due to falling production from those wells. Therefore, selling your minerals early on can maximize your earning potential.

Why Choose Us?

We have flexibility to do a fast and easy closing and offer very competitive pricing

We are not a “Broker”

  • We are independent family-owned company.
  • Broker contracts can lock you in and then attempt to secure funding from a third party and this can often fall through, which can prevent you from selling to a respected buyer who can pay in a timely manner.
  • Red Stone operates with its own funds and staff, ensuring fast and easy closings with quicker payments to the landowners.


We are pioneers in the mineral space

  • We have the funds to close immediately.
  • All in-house employees work in their respective basins and can provide a transparent and intimate process to escort you through the process of selling your minerals.

You will receive a free and no-obligation fair value offer.